Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Truth Is You Are Enough

What if I told you the truth? The truth is you are good enough. As is. No pause, no clause, no objections. That’s always been the truth, since you were born. You are enough. You are so enough. You don’t have to be anything but exactly who you are right now. You are mighty in your skin. You don’t believe it. You are a warrior. You are light. You are divine spark.

You are a wonder. You are a natural born creation of beauty, regardless of what form your beauty takes. Beauty is subjective. To be beautiful, you don’t have to fit the mold, stereotype or any other person’s idea of beauty. You have to recognize your own kind of beauty. You are perfectly imperfect. Embrace your kind of beauty and rock it hard.

You are worthy. You may hold your head up and strut your worth. You own the right to conduct yourself with poise and grace. You have always been worthy. Your worth is in your existence. The fact that you are on this planet right now is your intrinsic value. Nothing happens by chance. You are living breathing proof of the notion and divine appointment.

You have a purpose. You are here to discover your purpose. Then, once you learn what your purpose is you can fulfill your calling. We all have a purpose and a calling. Our purpose is why we are here. Our calling is how we live out our purpose. Make sense? My purpose is to love you. My calling is to love you through words, ideas, images, and stories. Find your purpose.

You are made for more. The truth is you are not the sum total of all your pieces, parts, labels or titles. You were a soul before you were a daughter, sister, mother, professional, success or failure. You were a creative being before you were anything else. You are designed for more. Always more. You must dig deep, excavate the titles and labels. Seek and find your more.

It’s there inside you. I know it’s there. I love you.